Hinds-Bock Patented MSBO Spouts Allow For Clean Deposit Of Difficult Products

Hinds-Bock Patented MSBO Spouts allow for clean deposits of difficult to handle products like fruit fillings, pie fillings and turnovers. They run unburnable products that previously could not be cleanly cut off.

Design features of MSBO spouts include:
o Positive Shut off
o Unique cutting spool
o Circumferential air blow off
o Cutting spool blow off
o PLC controlled multiple cycling of cutting spool
o Quick tool free disassembly of contact parts
o Heavy duty design

MSBO spouts can be added to new or existing filling machines. They are also ideal for use over tray lines, horizontal vacuum formers and entrée lines that run a wide variety of savory, difficult to run products, where a clean cut off of product is required to maintain a clean seal zone.