Transfer Pumps And Tanks For Food Processing

When it comes to food processing, having the right equipment is essential for achieving consistent results and maintaining food safety. That’s why Hinds Bock offers a range of industrial food equipment, including pumps and tanks, that are designed to meet the unique needs of food processing operations.

Hinds Bock pumps are known for their accuracy and consistency, making them an ideal choice for filling, portioning, and transferring food products. Whether you’re working with thin liquids, thick pastes, or chunky mixtures, Hinds Bock has a pump that can handle the job. These pumps are designed to minimize product waste and reduce downtime, allowing you to maximize your production efficiency.

In addition to pumps, Hinds Bock also offers a range of tanks that are designed to store and transport food products safely and efficiently. These tanks are made from high-quality materials and are designed to meet strict food safety standards. Whether you need a small portable tank for transporting ingredients or a large stationary tank for storing finished products, Hinds Bock has a solution that can meet your needs.

One of the key advantages of Hinds Bock pumps and tanks is their versatility. These products can be customized to meet the specific needs of your food processing operation, whether you’re working with a small startup or a large-scale production facility. The company’s experienced engineers can work with you to design a system that meets your exact specifications, from pump size and material to tank capacity and insulation.

Another advantage of Hinds Bock pumps and tanks is their durability. These products are built to withstand the rigorous demands of food processing, including frequent cleaning and exposure to harsh chemicals. With regular maintenance and care, Hinds Bock pumps and tanks can provide reliable service for many years, making them a smart investment for any food processing operation.


Fast, rugged and dependable food and bakery transfer pumps that gently move hot or cold flowable liquid products and mixtures from mixing bowls, pails and holding or cooking vessels and tanks to filling machines. Available in 3, low shear piston transfer pumps will pump from 7 to 40 gpm depending on product characteristics, piping configuration and model…

Auto Lift Transfer Pump

The Hinds-Bock P-50 Auto-Lift food-bakery transfer pump is ideal for bakery production and food processing facilities with limited floor space. Compact footprint with mobile stainless steel construction allows this heavy duty food pump to easily work three shifts a day and handles smooth batters and sauces with or without particulates…

Hb Ultrahygenic8P 06 35 300X298 1

Hinds-Bock’s Ultra-Hygienic food grade transfer pump is designed with all controls mounted in a NEMA 4X stainless steel enclosure and minimal flat surfaces, this pump provides a full Ultra-Hygienic package with the same high-performance users expect from Hinds-Bock bakery and food production equipment…


These Hydraulic Food Transfer Pump gently and quickly move hot or cold, flowable liquid products from mixing, holding or cooking vessels to filling machines. Transfer deli salads, chunky stews, cottage cheese, soups and fruit fillings without damaging your product…

Transfer Pumps And Tanks For Food

Hinds-Bock manufactures high quality ribbon blending tanks in single wall, insulated double wall, and triple wall designs that are heated or cooled for product specific temperature depositing and filling. Available in sizes from 50 gallons to 800 gallons, the tanks feature VFD (Variable Frequency Drives), helical, straight and custom agitator blades…

Hb Heatedhopper35

If your product requires specific temperature control when filling or depositing containers, jars, cups or trays, our triple walled heated hopper with agitator gently agitates your product while maintain optimum temperature of your product. As well, the hopper cover is specifically design to help maintain and control temperatures…

Hinds-Bock Servo Pump Filler

Hinds-Bock Servo Pump Fillers are designed with sanitation in mind. These pumps are C.I.P (Clean In Place) — they sanitize and clean themselves. Not only are there fewer parts to clean, but the front cover plates are hinged for rapid sanitation swab testing — just one of Hinds-Bock’s innovations in advanced Hygienic Design…

Hb Quickchange35

The tool free spout centerline adjustment feature makes changeover from one system or bridge to another very quick. The operator simply slides the spout to the new centerline by pulling the lever and sliding the spout. Match marked gauge takes the guess work out of spout location…

Hb Ultrahygenictp35Ins

Hinds-Bock Servo Pump Fillers are designed with sanitation in mind. All flat surfaces are angled. Round tubing replaces square, and all over-lapping or recessed surfaces are designed to eliminate pooling of water. All of our sanitary pumps are CIP (Clean in Place), they sanitize themselves…





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Purchasing bakery equipment & food equipment for your business may be easier than you think.


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We’ve been extremely happy with the reliability and endurance of our machines… a top-notch product!

– David A. Muñoz


The Hinds-Bock piston batter depositor absolutely streamlined the bakery part of our business.

– Bill Zack


I can’t think of a day we don’t use the filler. The ease of use of this machine, I can’t put it into words.

– Harald Fisker



Hinds Bocksign ScaledHinds-Bock Corporation is based in Bothell, Washington and is a world leader for industrial grade bakery and food processing equipment — our experience in the design, manufacture and selling of filling, depositing and pumping equipment actually dates back to 1962 when the Philip Bock Corporation pioneered air powered piston filler technology.

Hinds-Bock is now part of the Middleby Corporation, a U.S based publicly traded global leader in the food service, food processing and bakery production equipment industry. Middleby develops, manufactures, markets and services a broad line of equipment used in the commercial food service, food processing, and residential kitchen equipment industries and can be found in 1 of 3 kitchens throughout the world!

“For decades, Hinds-Bock has been a leader in filling and depositing technologies serving industrial baking, food processing and other specialty areas. This acquisition allows Middleby to offer a customized and complete integrated solution for their high volume baking & processing needs”, said Selim Bassoul, Chairman and CEO of The Middleby Corporation.

Watch the Middleby Video of Selim Bassoul Captivating an Audience at Baron Funds Investment Conference

Hinds-Bock is headed by President Scott McCally and Executive Vice President Rod Gregg. Hinds-Bock has an in-house testing facility which includes depositors, pumps and a fully stocked inventory of test spouts, pistons and cylinders, moving spout bridges, hoppers and controls.


Our equipment is USDA, FDA and AG Canada/CFIA approved and built to 3­A standards for dairy applications. In the baking market, we hold BISCC certification. We support our industry with our membership in the following organizations:


  • Bakery Equipment Manufacturers Association
  • Retail Bakers Association
  • Food Processing Machinery and Supplies Association
  • American Society of Bakery Engineers