Hinds-Bock patented MSBO spouts allow for clean deposits of difficult to handle products like fruit fillings, pie fillings and turnovers. They run unburnable products that previously could not be cleanly cut off. MSBO spouts can be added to new or existing filling machines. They are also ideal for use over tray lines……More


Hinds-Bock single-piston depositor is available with flexible tube and positive shut-off spout assembly. It is ideal for accurate hand placement with positive shut-off for sticky or runny materials such as jams on Danish, frosting an cookies, pudding in cups, burrito fillings, meal replacement programs and many other applications……More


Hinds-Bock’s positive cut-off ribbon spouts are ideal for high speed accurate spreading of products as well as depositing and filling applications. Custom spouts are used to match the spread width and length for the application. Hinds Bock servo pump fillers are extremely high speed, a single machine can run up to 160 units per minute……More


Hinds-Bock’s new servo driven pump fillers are ideal for high speed accurate spreading of batters, sauces and gravies. They are ideal for high speed accurate spreading of products as-well-as depositing and filling applications. Evenly spread cake and brownie batter, fudge, fruit fillings and toppings. Custom spouts are used to match……More


Hinds-Bock manufactures a wide variety of custom and standardized spouts for piston filling and depositing machines and systems: Horizontal Positive Cut-Off Spouts, Patented MSBO Spouts, Ribbon Positive Cut-Off Spouts, Rotary Rosette Topping Spouts, Straight Spouts, Vertical Blow-Off & Shower Head Shut-Off Spouts, Vertical Positive Plug Spouts……More