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Take a leap forward in filling machine technology for high speed meal lines, with Hinds-Bock Servo Filling Machines and Servo Spout Bridges. When paired together, they are ideal for filling a wide variety of entrée items into trays, cups, bowls and tubs. Run products as thin as gravy to thick Mash Potato as well as particulate products like Macaroni and Cheese or Fettuccini Alfredo.

When compared to conventional piston fillers, the Hinds-Bock Servo Filling Machines run faster, use much less air, can be Cleaned In Place (CIP) and require less maintenance. Modern controls allow for much faster set up. The operator simply calls up a recipe in the operator interface (HMI), brings up the appropriate fill profile and the filler automatically adjusts itself. The Servo drive acceleration and deceleration parameters allow the fill to be customized for maximum speed without splashing or for maximum spread within the tray. Hinds-Bock Servo Spout Bridges are a major improvement in versatility compared to conventional mechanical bridges. Simply select a stored recipe and the Servo Spout Bridge adjusts for different tray pitches or dimensions, matches the speed of the tray for target filling or under run the tray for lead edge to trail edge spreading. In addition the Servo Spout Bridges require less maintenance, producing more up time.

Hinds-Bock servo motor driven pump fillers are ideal for entrees and frozen meal processing and are the most modern fillers on the market. Benefits of the Hinds-Bock family of servo fillers include: Faster speeds, Smaller footprint, Higher degree of accuracy, Consuming considerably less compressed air, and Faster clean-up. With the modern control system the servo fillers are linked via Ethernet to the plants control system. Available in several sizes and configurations, when teamed with the Hinds-Bock servo traveling spout bridge, speeds to 330 meals per minute are attainable.

Accurately fill products such as gravies and sauces on prepared fish, meat and chicken to create Value Added Entrees. It’s also ideal for meals such as Macaroni and Cheese, Noodle casseroles, mash potatoes and desserts.

Hinds-Bock Servo Filling Machines feature the latest in controls technology to achieve the highest efficiency with the smallest possible footprint. The servo drive technology provides high speed depositing with custom tuning of filling parameters to control the appearance of the fill as well as the velocity. By controlling velocity maximum speeds are achievable while maintaining clean fills. Speeds are also enhanced through the use of the Hinds-Bock servo driven traveling spout bridge, which moves the spouts with the continuously moving containers.

The latest controls technology allows the collecting of data through Ethernet communication. This data, such as performance data, up time information, maintenance monitoring and fault alerts enable the user to achieve the highest filling efficiency and therefore yield.

Hinds-Bock servo filling machines achieve the highest efficiency with the smallest possible footprint. Operator fill adjustment is easy. Simply call up a recipe on the HMI Panel. Fill parameters are tuned to maximize speed, product spread or to eliminate splash.

HB Servo Pump Fillers are ideal for a wide range of flowable products like sauces, dressings, jellies, condiments, shampoos and products with particulates like Macaroni and Cheese. It is also ideal for Fettuccini Alfredo, Fruit Desserts with particulates like whole pitted cherries or apple pieces, and Lasagna Sauce with meat fillings. Please contact Hinds-Bock for additional information.

Ideal for a wide range of flowable products. A servo-motor is used to drive either a lobe or gear pump. Features include a sanitary design with a wide deposit range, recipe storage for multiple products and containers, operator interface to control filler, speeds up to 160 per minute for the SP-01 and 320 per minute for the 2P-01. Available accessories include positive shut-off spouts, self-contained heat systems, automatic cycling controls, CIP sanitary 3A approved pump and footswitch or automatic cycling controls.

Hinds-Bock single or multiple spout/pump models are ideal for a wide range of flowable products such as sauces, dressings, jellies, condiments, shampoos, etc., and also products with particulates such as Macaroni and Cheese, Fettuccini Alfredo, Fruit Desserts with particulates like whole pitted cherries or apple pieces, Lasagna Sauce with meat and meat fillings. The servo controller makes change over from one size container to another quick and easy without change parts. The sanitary pumps are CIP units and a wide variety of spouts are available.