Hinds-Bock Parts & Service

Hinds-Bock has a complete parts inventory department and experienced customer service personnel with in-house technicians and engineers that provide on-site installation and turnkey start-up support for custom designed equipment and systems. We maintain complete documentation on every machine we build and support those machines with a thoroughly stocked parts department.

Our parts department is extremely efficient at shipping and providing parts for depositors, fillers and pumps. Typically, we ship inventoried parts the same day of the order — even supporting machines that are over 30 years old.

Our test facility runs customer provided samples of products to evaluate filling characteristics and determine agitation and spout requirements. Tests are typically videotaped so that our customers can observe the deposit configuration. Frozen samples of deposited materials can be returned to the customer.


Thomas Looney
Customer Service Manager
+1 425 885 1183 x133


General Inquiries
Toll Free: +1 888 557 7881
Fax: +1 425 897 4110

Chris Armer
Parts / Shipping Manager
+1 425 885 1183 x137