Filling various sizes of containers on the go with thin oil products can be quite challenging to do accurately, quickly and cleanly. Harald Fisker of grizzly Pet Products knew....
Grizzly Pet Products get precise with Fish Oils for Pets.

Having been in the business of creating all-natural pet supplements since early 2000, Harald Fisker, owner of Grizzly Pet Products was looking for ways to increase production while maintaining cost control with precise and consistent filling equipment.

During a visit to a packaging trade show, Harald stopped by the Hinds-Bock booth to discuss options for filling various sizes of bottles and jugs with fish oils. After several on location consultations with the Hinds-Bock team they designed a custom solution for filling exact amounts of fish oils into shelf ready containers. “I found that the Hinds-Bock equipment was the best at exact fillings levels. It is also very easy to change from one size container to another”, says Harald Fisker, owner of Grizzly Pet Products.
Throughout the visit we talked with a few production workers and you could clearly see from their expressions that they were very happy with the addition of the new Hinds-Bock equipment. “It gets used every single day. From the day I started I can’t think of a day we don’t use it. The ease of use of this machine, I can’t put it into words”, said one of the production staff.

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