Over 50 Years and Counting

Hinds-Bock’s building has allowed the company to improve its overall mark on the food, bakery & specialty chemical industry. Hinds-Bock Corporation has been a privately held company dedicated to meeting the needs of food production, bakeries, cosmetics and specialty chemical companies for high quality piston & servo depositing/filling equipment and systems. Our experience in the design, manufacture and marketing of filling and depositing equipment and related automation actually dates
from 1962 and the Philip Bock Corporation, which pioneered air powered piston filler technology.

Hinds-Bock is headed by President Gary Hinds. Lance Aasness is the Executive Vice President. Rod Gregg guides sales and international marketing representatives as the Vice President. Corporate headquarters and manufacturing plant is located in Bothell, Washington, northeast of Seattle. Complete product testing and refrigeration area. Hinds-Bock’s in-house testing facility includes depositors and a fully stocked inventory of test spouts, pistons and cylinders, moving spout bridges, hoppers and controls. The test facility also includes the ability to bake and mix product. Our facility includes a full size walk-in refrigerator and freezing capabilities.

Save a Slice of Profit with Hinds-Bock Equipment.

Call us for an extensive reference list. Our client base is filled with return customers whose success we have shared by supporting them with additional equipment, service and parts.


Our equipment is USDA, FDA and AG Canada/CFIA approved and built to 3­A standards for dairy applications. In the baking market, we hold BISCC certification. We support our industry with our membership in the following organizations:


o Bakery Equipment Manufacturers Association
o Retail Bakers Association
o Food Processing Machinery and Supplies
o American Society of Bakery Engineers


The 1960's

In 1962 Philip Bock and Philip Bock Corporation pioneer’s air powered piston filler technology. Philip saw a need to optimize the production of meat filled burrito’s after viewing traditional the manual scoop and fill method.


1970's - 1980

Jim Hinds and Philip Bock join forces and start building the Hinds-Bock Corporation with industrial equipment designed and manufactured in-house for food and baking companies throughout United States and Canada.


1970's - 1980's

Showing off an integrated conveyor and depositing system at an always busy booth at a regional trade event.


1980's - 1990's

Three good looking lads, Lance Aasness, Gary Hinds and Rod Gregg standing proud with a Hinds-Bock integrated multi-piston batter depositor for muffins.


Present day

Hinds-Bock continues to innovate, design, build and sell equipment throughout the world. In fact, Hinds-Bock is considered to be the #1 choice for the industrial food and bakery production equipment.


Present day

Building fully automated ready meal solutions. Hinds-Bock creates equipment solutions based on your specific production and application requirements.