Hinds-Bock Spout Options

Hinds-Bock designs and manufactures a wide variety of custom and standard spouts for piston fillers, piston depositors and automated systems for accurately portioning fruit fillings, sauces, cake icing, muffin batter, cake batter, whipped creams, deli salads, salad dressings, deli dips and meat fillings.


Ergonomically designed hand depositing spout.

Hinds-Bock Patented MSBO Spouts
Ribbon Positive Cut-Off Spouts
Horizontal Positive Cut-Off Spouts
Rotary Rosette Topping Spouts
Straight Spouts
Vertical Blow-Off & Shower Head Shut-Off Spouts
Vertical Positive Plug Spouts
Vertical Positive Tulip Plug Spouts