2P-01 Sandwich Line

Hinds-Bock’s High Speed Sandwich Line Depositors are great for depositing and spreading condiments like ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise and sauces as well as fillings like  tuna salad, egg salad and chicken salad onto bread, buns, tortillas or dough at a high rate of speed and a high degree of accuracy — the 2P-01 can deposit condiments at speeds up to 334 per minute over a two lane conveyor.

Hinds Bock Servo Pump Fillers feature the latest filler technology including the ability to be cleaned in place. Color operator interface screen (HMI) allow the operators to quickly select the depositor settings by simply entering a recipe, no need for constant adjustments. These machines are quiet, fast, accurate and use very little compressed air. Through the operator interface operators can quickly and repeatedly adjust the length of spread, deposit amount and speed. A wide range of open, ribbon, positive shut off and ribbon positive shut off spouts are available for clean accurate depositing and maximum coverage.

The Hinds-Bock 4P-01 is designed for high speed depositing of sauce pellets for meal kits and also for the high speed depositing of sauce, condiments and fillings into thermo formed cavities of horizontal vacuum formers or pre made cups. Speeds to 5700 portions per minute are attainable depending on viscosity.

The 4P-01 utilizes a servo driven orbital spout bridge that follows the packages or platens during the fill cycle for increased spout time. Positive shut off spouts are used for clean accurate filling and the filler can be Cleaned-In-Place (CIP) or the design allows for the filler to be quickly disassembled for sanitizing for maximum up time and yield. State of the art controls allow for the fill parameters to be automatically set by simply selecting the recipe or SKU in the operator interface (HMI). Please contact Hinds Bock for additional information.