Middleby Bakery Innovation Center (BIC) Seminars

America’s Test Bakery, the Middleby Bakery Innovation Center —  is a 30,000 sq. ft. center featuring equipment from Hinds-Bock, Auto-Bake, Burford, Stewart Systems, Sveba Dahlen, Spooner-Vicars, Baker Thermal Solutions, Glimek, Varimixer and Scanico. For more information or to book a visit  Please Visit the BIC website

How Sweet It Is – Creating synergy with equipment, ingredients and process

When: Wednesday May 1st  from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Bakery Innovation Center (BIC) Middleby Bakery Group, Plano Texas

1 Day Seminar Overview:
To provide an overview and understanding of how to use flowable bakery ingredients and mixes with Middleby Bakery Group Equipment from Hinds-Bock, Varimixer and Auto-Bake equipment in an industrial setting.

  1. Corbion Ingredients, Walden Hodges – Sr. Business Development Manager Corbion.
    Ingredients, mixes and blends. Conventional, Sugar-Free and Low Carb and other trends.
  2. Sosland Publishing, Joanie Spencer – Editor Baking and Snack Magazine
    Current and future trends (low carb, sugar free, single serve/mini desserts), plant automation.
  3. AIB International, Earl Arnold – Global Manager for Food Defense
    FDA Food Defense guidelines and mandates, allergy awareness in bakery processing.
  4. Varimixer, speaker Jan Zimmerman
    Best mixing practices for conventional and non conventional ingredients, mixer technology.
  5. Hinds-Bock, Lance Aasness – Executive VP and Mark Young – Senior Sales Executive
    Equipment functionality, ROI and capital investment.
  6. Auto-Bake, Sergio Caballero – Sr. Sales Acct. Manager, North America
    Equipment functionality, ROI and capital investment.
Clean Label Seminar with BakerPedia

Clean Label Series – October 23 – 24, 2018

Middleby Bakery Group (MBG) will be holding a Clean Label series sponsored in conjunction with ProBlend-EuroGerm for two days from October 23-24. This has been by far the most successful seminar we have produced in terms of total attendance and the quality of the customers registered. The popularity of this seminar has grown internationally with about 30% attendance. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

This seminar is NO CHARGE for our customers which normally has over a $1,000 price tag. Because it is a two-day seminar, there is plenty of time to ask the questions that affect your business directly as implementing a Clean Label program can be quite complex. Middleby Bakery Group will be feature the BTS Hurricane oven, Stewart conveyor oven plus Glimek/Sveba and we will be demonstrating the Burford seeder/enrober.

MBG and ProBlend-EuroGerm has added three (3) new dimensions to this Clean Label Seminar:

1. Introduction to Brioche varieties and the challenges of the Industrial Process
2. Dan Malovany, Sr. Editor, Baking and Snack highlights growing consumer trends for bread, bun and brioche type products.
3. New Applications for Dairy Concentrates to be presented by the Director of R&D for First Choice Ingredients.

To register call or email Donna Rose from Euro-Germ. She can be reached at 847-221-5004 or drose@problend-eurogerm.com .

Sweet Goods Challenge – November 06, 2018

The Sweet Goods Challenge Seminar will be hosted by Dr. Lin Carson, Dr. Dr. Shawn Wu, Barbara Bufe Heidolph, Nicholas McCrery and Eric Spelger.
This seminar will cover the challenges of producing sweet goods and shelf stability issues. We will identify and use the newest technology for the production of fresh and frozen cookies, muffins, cakes and dessert bakery goods at America’s Test Bakery — Middleby Bakery Innovation Center.

We’ll talk about science of ingredients, working with different systems and new products, industrial manufacturing, quality and shelf life and discuss where this sector is going in the future.


Best Engineering Practices – November 07 – 08, 2018

The Best Engineering Practices Seminar will be presented by Rowdy Brixey, founder of Brixey Engineering. Rowdy has captured his 40 years of his industry experience and compressed it into an action packed two (2) day seminar that will provide a fresh insight on how to improve the efficiency of your company.

Some Fortune 500 companies have already signed-up so we are expecting a sellout event. As a special addition to the agenda, Festo will assist with the class and bring some of their new smart valves which have built in predictive maintenance features.