Hinds-Bock Moist Streusel Depositors

Hinds-Bock moist streusel depositors dispense high fat streusel either targeted into pocketed pans such as muffin pans or broadcast spread onto larger pans such as cake or pies. The moist streusel depositor utilizes a unique dispensing system which works with high fat products that tend to pack and bridge. Interchangeable die plates are used to change the appearance of the streusel dispense. Models are available to mount on top of existing or Hinds-Bock conveyors or with a portable cantilevered frame to roll over conveyors. Features include variable speed servo drive, operator interface with recipe storage and integral stainless steel hopper. Quick change tooling is available for different deposit center lines.

Hinds-Bock’s new moist streusel target depositor, Model 5A-SD, reduces labor cost and give-away through
accurate target scaling of high fat streusel. Automatically top Muffins, Cupcakes, Snack cakes, Pies and other sweet goods.

Available in various widths to match your pan and speed requirements. Quick change chutes adds versatility to run multiple pans with the same machine. Optional spreading blades are available for use with Bunt and round layer cake pans. Improve your bottom line through automation.

Features include:
o High fat moist streusel up to 25% fat content
o Servo drive for versatility, speed and control
o Industrial drive gearbox with change diameter gearing
o Quick change extrusion caps for different product appearance
o Change tooling for different deposit center lines

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