Hinds-Bock Single & Dual Piston Fillers - SP 64 / 2P-64

Hinds-Bock Single Piston Depositor

Hinds-Bock’s Single and Dual Piston Fillers – SP 64 / 2P-64 are the classic workhorses of the food processing industry. They are easy to clean and operate, and are versatile and gentle on all products and provide immediate cost-saving results. Large port openings permit filling of chunky ingredients without crushing. They are USDA and AG Canada/CFIA approved.

Hinds-Bock has specialized in the design of fillers and depositors since its beginnings. These labor-saving filler/ depositors improve quality when depositing large, delicate particulates damage free. They reduced costs with accurate filling and depositing into trays, bottles, cans, pouches, or when targeted onto products.

2P -64 shown with cylindrical hopper and optional hopper agitator.

64 Series Single Piston Features:

o Fills from fractions of an ounce to 64 ounces per piston
o Stainless steel construction, all contact parts are food-approved
o Air powered – consult factory for compressed air requirements
o Pneumatic dump system with interlocked safety cover
o ‘Lift-Off’ metering piston for rapid sanitizing
o Easier to use height adjustment
o Redesigned pneumatic system
o 14 inches of height adjustment
o Locking swivel casters
o Enhanced operator friendly safety cover

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