Hinds-Bock Rotary Bottle Filling System

Efficiently fill a wide range of flowable and semi-flowable products, with or without particulates at speeds up to 60 containers per minute.

Hinds-Bock’s 36RBI – Rotary Bottle Filling System is a fast, efficient, compact all-in-one bottle filling solution that allows a single operator to label, fill, cap, and pack-off various containers in a minimized footprint.

A variable speed stainless steel table with adjustable guides continuously moves containers into an automatic star wheel indexing system. The indexing wheel provides constant centerlines and allow the air operated diving bridge to fill small retail size, to large containers from the bottom up. Filled bottles are swept out onto the discharge side of the table, ready for manual capping.

A cap torque device for manually checking cap tightness is included, and is suspended on a leash for ease of operator movement.

Pack tables are included to provide space for unpacking empty bottles as well as packing of filled, capped, and labeled bottles. Optional manual label applicator, change stars for different size and shape bottles, and cap torque chucks are all available to further appoint the machine.

The system can be used with standard Hinds-Bock piston and servo filling machines as well as dry goods auger filling machines.

A Single Operator Can Easily:

Label containers
Load rotary table
Cap filled containers
Case pack finished containers

Filling Station: With its small footprint and single operator, it saves both labor and space.

The Cap Torque
manually checks cap tightness.

Labeling: Semi-automatic labeling for efficient labeling of containers prior to filling.

Hinds-Bock Bottle Filling Lines Accomodate Wide Range Of Products

Hinds-Bock Manufactures Bottle Filling Lines for a wide range of products such as salad dressings, sauces, dips, and most free flowing or very viscous products. Many different in-line single or multiple piston filling machines are available for speeds from 15 to 300 per minute. In addition to the filling machine Hinds-Bock also manufactures related equipment such as stainless steel conveyor, unscrambler tables, accumulator tables and transfer pumps.

Hinds-Bock Six Piston Bottle Filling Systems includes a Diving Spout Bridge for bottom-up filling and sanitary stainless steel conveyor with automatic indexers. Unscrambler and Accumulator tables are available.

Hinds-Bock Multi Piston Bottle Filling Systems

Hinds-Bock multi-spout bottle fillers are available in pneumatic piston, servo piston and servo pump versions and ideal for products ranging from thin brines to viscous soups with large particulates as well as creams, lotions and gels. Many features are available including neck centering for locating narrow neck bottles, servo driven multi-speed diving spout bridge for bottom-up filling, hopper agitation, heated machines and quick change over and sanitizing, for modest to high speed applications. They are available in 2 to 10 piston versions for modest to high speed applications. Perfect for producing Brine, Soy Sauce, Marinades, Creams, Chutney, Jams & Jellies, Fruits, Cheese, Frosting, Dips & Salsa, Condiments, Soups & Sauces, Salad Dressing, Peanut & Nut Butters.


  • Stroke Slowdown for Two Stage Filling into Tapered Bottles
  • Operator Interface and PLC Control
  • Non Drip Positive Shut-off/Blow-off Spouts
  • Heavy Duty Design
  • Tool Free Sanitizing in Minutes
  • Tilt Hopper and Two Piece Piston Strongback
  • Automatic Check-weigher Interface
  • Hopper Agitation
  • Heated Machines

Hinds-Bock 8 Piston Bottle Filling Systems

Servo motor diving spout bridge allows for bottom-up bottle filling and automatic cycling controls.

Hinds-Bock’s 8P-32 eight piston bottle filling system is fast, accurate and quick and easy to change over to run different bottles or products. Ideal for dressings, sauces, mayonnaise, condiments or other flowable or semi-flowable products with or without particulates.

Features include hopper agitation to gently maintain the proper ratio of liquids and solids or to prevent coring of viscous product, precise metering using either pneumatic or servo piston drive, servo motor diving spout bridge for bottom-up bottle filling and automatic cycling controls. Unscrambler table, conveyor and accumulator table completes the 8P-32 automatic filling line. Heated versions are also available for hot fill applications.

Hinds-Bock Tamper Evident Band Applications

Conveyor automatically runs it through the heat tunnel to quickly and efficiently shrink the band onto the container.

Hinds-Bock Tamper Evident Band Applicators Reduce Labor Costs, increase speed and efficiency with Hinds-Bock’s SC-08 Tamper Evident Band Heat Tunnel Conveyor. Designed for placing tamper evidence bands on cups, bowls or trays.

The SC-08 offers hygienic design, variable speed with adjustable side guides and temperature controls. The operator simply places the tamper evident band on the container and the conveyor automatically runs it through the heat tunnel to quickly and efficiently shrink the band onto the container.