Hinds-Bock Horizontal Agitation Tanks

Hinds-Bock Manufactures High Quality Ribbon Blending Tanks in single wall, insulated double wall, and triple wall that are heated or cooled and insulated versions. Available in sizes from 50 gallons to 800 gallons, the tanks feature VFD (Variable Frequency Drives), helical, straight and custom agitator blades, interlocked safety grates, personnel steps and hopper covers.

Tanks are available in:
o Single wall
o Double wall (with insulation)
o Triple wall (heated or cooled and insulated)

Agitated drives available in:
o Air driven
o Variable frequency drive

Agitator blades available in:
o Helical, Straight & Custom

Hinds-Bock Tripple Walled Heater Agitation Hopper

With the passage of the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), it enacts some of the most sweeping reforms to U.S. food safety laws in more than 70 years.

The FDA requires very tight temperature tolerances. Especially for tomato based products like salsas, ketchup, barbecue sauces and some Asian sauces. To meet these new regulations, Hinds-Bock Corp. developed a triple walled heated agitated hopper. Heated oil is circulated between the inner and center walls, and with insulation between the center and outer walls, the desired temperature is maintained. The hopper cover also aids in maintaining and controlling temperatures. The gentle variable speed agitator decreases hot and cold spots.

Optional Add-ons:
o Hinds-Bock can supply complete heated systems. Heated blending tanks, transfer pumps with heat traced stainless steel lines, and even fillers with heated heads.
o Thermocouples that document and record temperatures in the system’s PLC, supplying documentation for stringent FDA audits
o Alarm systems that alert users when temperatures fall outside preset parameters