Hinds-Bock Servo Piston Cosmetic Depositors

Hinds-Bock’s newly redesigned Servo Piston Cosmetic Depositors with triple wall insulated hopper and self-contained hot oil system – A redesign that gives the customer the most advanced temperature controls Hinds-Bock has to offer.

The triple-wall insulated hopper with self-contained hot oil system circulates hot oil or water around the hopper walls and through machined channels in the head of the depositor – hot air shrouds are available for heating of the spouts if necessary. Hopper agitation is also available for products with particulates or products that need to be homogenized. Probes can be inserted into the hopper to give an accurate reading of product temperature. All of these features are in place to keep temperature sensitive products from changing state.

A wide variety of spouting options allow you to fill any number of container shapes or sizes. With product and container samples, the experienced team at Hinds-Bock can design a spout to give you an accurate, drip-free fill. The servo actuated piston gives the user maximum control over their fill. The piston can slow mid-stroke for filling narrow neck bottles and an easy-to-use color touchscreen HMI can store product recipes for easy changeover. Recipe storage enables the customer to automatically set all depositor parameters at the touch of a button. This machine can be integrated over a conveyor, a single person, semi-automatic operation, or both!

Users will appreciate the quiet operation, sleek design, and ease of operation this depositor features. Sanitation is made easy with quick, tool-free disassembly for all COP parts. The depositor is built on a stainless steel frame with perforated guarding. Electricals are housed in NEMA 4X stainless steel enclosures and servos are wash-down rated.