San Juan Salsa CompanySan Juan Salsa Company – Full of flavour salsa’s for every taste!

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San Juan Salsa company prides themselves on producing some of the best salsa’s you will ever taste. From mild to the wild and spicy Afterburner to pineapple mango and verde (green). San Juan Salsa’s are perfect

The four partners of San Juan Salsa Co. continue to prepare top quality, freshly made salsas from their kitchen in Arlington, WA. Salsas that are delicious, nutritious and delivered fresh to your local grocers…don;t forget to stock up their crunchy, naturally gluten-free tortilla chips.

About Hinds-Bock Corporation:
Hinds-Bock designs, builds and sells standard and custom portioning and pumping equipment for food, bakery, cosmetics and specialty chemicals. If it flows, we can help.