Accurately depositing inclusions.

Hinds-Bock Mini Depositing Equipment
Everyone knows that big things often come in small packages. But sometimes lots of things — fruits, nuts and other particulates — come in them, too. Mini and single-serve products such as muffins that are formulated with inclusions require specific processing considerations, especially in terms of their deposits.

In some cases, as with gourmet and specialty items, the size of the finished baked food might not dictate the size of the inclusion. In fact, consumers sometimes have an expectation — realistic or otherwise — that even a product that fits into the palm of their hand should pack in as many chunks, strands or crunchy bits as possible.

“With mini, single-serve products, the margin for error is very tight, especially with inclusions,” said Lance Aasness, executive vice-president, Hinds-Bock. High tolerance, gentle handling and, of course, precision are of the utmost importance for bakers to ensure inclusions are adequately deposited with the batter and that consumers are getting the most bang for their buck in a smaller-sized product.

Mini products often come in large packs — mini products such as a dozen mini muffins sold in the in-store bakery; in these cases, uneven distribution of inclusions like nuts or chocolate chips will become painfully obvious. Alternately, smaller or single-serve items with too little or too much of an inclusion can diminish the user experience. Not only that, but, as with any deposited product, inaccurate portions also lead to either short-changing the customer or giving product away.

“If you’re producing a mini muffin with blueberry or nut inclusions, and the product in the hopper is not properly and gently agitated, you could get deposits with large amounts of inclusions and others with little or no inclusions,” Mr. Aasness said. “Hinds-Bock designs hoppers with built-in product agitators that gently mix the product in the hopper so that all the inclusions are equally suspended throughout the batter. This process helps ensure that all your deposits have equal amounts of inclusions.”

Among Hinds-Bock’s variety of depositing equipment is a hand-held nozzle with a positive shutoff spout assembly. “This is best suited for hitting small targets like mini-muffin pans or spot depositing fruit filling, it gives you accurate and quick hand placement for depositing,” Mr. Aasness said.

11.12.2018 By Joanie Spencer