Hinds-Bock-Piston-Depositor-Apple-CrumbleFOCUS FOODS – APPLE CRUMBLE PRODUCTION

Tim Johnston shares his insights on his new venture with Focus Foods — Apple and Peach Crumble, and the piece of Hinds-Bock he chose to help him achieve and surpass his goals.
When visiting Focus Foods, your first impression is down home southern hospitality.  Tim Johnston and his small crew treat you like one of the family and are more than eager to share their delicious crumble…topped with a large scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Although the production facility is small and the production runs are limited, Tim’s plans for the future is big and bright and he plans on taking Hinds-Bock equipment along for the ride.

About Hinds-Bock Corporation:
Hinds-Bock designs, builds and sells standard and custom portioning and pumping equipment for food, bakery, cosmetics and specialty chemicals. If it flows, we can help.