Hinds-Bock Single Piston Low Boy Filler/Depositors

Hinds-Bock Lowboy Pump Filler Hinds-Bock ‘Low Boy’ Filler/depositors do not use the typical height adjustable portable frame.
Instead they are close to the floor with a waist high hopper for easy hopper loading which eliminates
the need for transfer pumps, bowl dumps or machines that raise and lower. By permanently having the
hopper waist high for easy loading the hopper level can be maintained for more accurate filling and
depositing and since the filler/depositor doesn’t have to stop for hopper loading (as do machine that
raise and lower) greater production rates are possible.

The Hinds-Bock ‘Low Boy’ Fillers/ Depositors are available with the same accessories as typical
Hinds-Bock Fillers/Depositors including hopper agitation, positive shut off spouts, automatic cycling
controls and flex hose gun spouts.