Single or Dual Piston 64

Hinds-Bock’s standard single piston SP-64 Filler/Depositors are the classic workhorses of the baking and food processing industry. They are easy to clean and operate, and are versatile and gentle on all products, They provide immediate cost-saving results. Large port openings permit filling of chunky ingredients without crushing……More

Single or Dual Piston 160
Hinds-Bock Nut-Butter-Deposit

Hinds-Bock’s Single Piston Fillers / Depositors are designed for the institutional packer. These are classic workhorses of the food processing industry. Easy to clean, easy to use, and versatile and gentle on all products, providing immediate cost-saving results. Large port openings allows filling of chunky ingredients without crushing…….More

Sandwich's and Sauces

Hinds-Bock’s High Speed Sandwich Line Depositors. Deposit and spread condiments like Ketchup, Mustard, Mayonnaise and Sauces as well as Sandwich salads like Tuna, Egg and Chicken onto Bread, Buns, Tortillas or Dough at a high rate of speed and a high degree of accuracy, these USDA approved state of the art Servo Pump Fillers……More


Hinds-Bock’s Multi-Piston Pie Filler with diving/ traveling sprout bridge are designed for use over continuous motion entree or pie lines. Optional features include PLC control, large port openings, tilt hopper for easy sanitizing, thrustless actuator for the product valve and drop-down pneumatics to make maintenance easier. Many hoppers are available……More


Hinds-Bock Meal Kit Depositors are designed for high speed depositing of sauce pellets for meal kits and also for the high speed depositing of sauce, condiments and fillings into thermo formed cavities of horizontal vacuum formers or pre-made cups. Speeds up to 5700 portions per minute are attainable…….More


Hinds-Bock’s Multi Piston Depositor with servo shifting technology is ideal for use over horizontal vacuum formers, tray lines and conveyors. The 4P-16 four piston filler utilizes a servo motor shifting mechanism to move the entire filler during the depositing cycle to spread product. It is ideal for many products such as spreading barbeque sauce over ribs……More


Hinds-Bock’s Six-Piston Four-Ounce 6P-04 with servo motor moves the entire filler for spreading product during the fill cycle or to shift the filler for filling into multiple targets. Positive shut-off spouts with an adjustable blow-off feature are used to maintain a clean fill zone. A tool free tilt hopper and spout disassembly……More

Vertical 6P-04V

Hinds-Bock family of vertical piston filling machines take up much less valuable conveyor space than conventional filling machines. The Hinds-Bock vertical 6P-04V filler, automatically fills a wide variety of flowable or semi-flowable products, with or without particulates, such as condiments, fruit fillings, sauces, dips, spreads and meat fillings……More


Take a leap forward in filling machine technology for high speed meal lines, with Hinds-Bock’s Servo Filling Machines and Servo Spout Bridges. When paired together, they are ideal for filling a wide variety of entrée items into trays, cups, bowls and tubs. Run products as thin as gravy to thick Mash Potato as well as particulate products like Macaroni……More


Hinds-Bock’s new servo driven pump fillers are ideal for high speed accurate spreading of sauces and gravies. They are ideal for high speed accurate spreading of products as-well-as depositing and filling applications. Evenly spread cake and brownie batter, fudge, fruit fillings and toppings. Custom spouts are used to…..More


Hinds-Bock Cup and Tray Filling Lines are available in single or multiple lanes with varying levels of automation ranging from just a filling machine to complete automated lines including denester, film sealer and overcap lidder. Hinds-Bock filling machines are ideal for a wide range of products from thin sauces……More


Achieve fast, accurate target depositing over Horizontal Vacuum Formers & Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Machines with Hinds-Bock fillers. Be on target with Hinds-Bock fillers. They are accurate and gentle, filling and depositing into trays and pouches. No-splash-no-drip filling and depositing provides clean, uniform, cost-effective products……More


Hinds-Bock manufactures a large family of fillers/depositors for use over horizontal vacuum formers. They are ideal for accurate, clean filling of liquid or moist products ranging from water, thin brine or marinades to viscous potatoes, peanut butter, candy or cheese. Ideal for value added meat, fish or poultry applications requiring……More


Hinds-Bock has decades of experience providing high quality liquid and moist particulate fillers for use over vertical or horizontal form, fill and seal machines. Our models SP-64 and SP-160 are used over vertical form fill seal machines and feature a long reach positive shut off spout with an adjustable blow off feature……More


Hinds-Bock’s 4P-32 meal depositing lines are available in single or multi lane systems for speeds up to 320 meals per minute. The lines feature tray denesters, industrial servo or conventional piston depositors, traveling spout bridges and transfer pumps. The servo depositors are ideal where high speed applications require……More


Hinds-Bock Hot Fill Lines are ideal for a wide variety of food and bakery products such as soups, sauces, stew, cheese, peanut butter as well as non-food applications like cosmetics and grease. These hot fill lines feature heated filling machines to maintain the proper fill temperature. Heat options include either insulated hoppers……More