Hinds-Bock Dry Ingredient Depositors

The Hinds-Bock dry ingredient depositor is ideal for dry free flowing products such as sugar, sprinkles, chocolate chips, oat flakes, sliced nuts, dry low fat streusel and flour. The dry ingredient depositor can be mounted on existing or new Hinds-Bock conveyors or are available with portable cantilevered frames. An operator interface stores multiple recipes for easy operator set up.

The construction is stainless steel, the speed is variable and the deposit is targeted. Quick change tooling is available to change the deposit centerline.

Hinds-Bock’s Dry Ingredient depositor gently deposits without damaging products.

Hinds-Bock Moist Streusel Depositors

Hinds-Bock moist streusel depositors dispense high fat streusel either targeted into pocketed pans such as muffin pans or broadcast spread onto larger pans such as cake or pies. The moist streusel depositor utilizes a unique dispensing system which works with high fat products that tend to pack and bridge. Interchangeable die plates are used to change the appearance of the streusel dispense. Models are available to mount on top of existing or Hinds-Bock conveyors or with a portable cantilevered frame to roll over conveyors. Features include variable speed servo drive, operator interface with recipe storage and integral stainless steel hopper. Quick change tooling is available for different deposit centerlines.

Hinds-Bock’s new moist streusel target depositor, Model 5A-SD, reduces labor cost and give-away through
accurate target scaling of high fat streusel. Automatically top Muffins, Cupcakes, Snack cakes, Pies and other sweet goods.

Available in various widths to match your pan and speed requirements. Quick change chutes adds versatility to run multiple pans with the same machine. Optional spreading blades are available for use with Bunt and round layer cake pans. Improve your bottom line through automation.

Features include:
o High fat moist streusel up to 25% fat content
o Servo drive for versatility, speed and control
o Industrial drive gearbox with change diameter gearing
o Quick change extrusion caps for different product appearance
o Change tooling for different deposit centerlines

Hinds-Bock Product Videos

How Can Bakers Place Expensive Toppings Like Nuts, Chocolate Chips And Streusels On Muffins And Cup Cakes,
At High Rate Of Speed, And Save On Depositing Costs?

Hinds-Bock Dry Topping, and Streusel Depositors allow bakers to save in labor costs, time, expensive product waste, at a high rate of speed, while paying for themselves! Expensive product toppings that are currently applied by hand onto muffins and cupcakes, incur expensive labor rates, a tremendous amount of product waste, all at a very slow rate and a very high cost.

Hinds-Bock Dry Topping Machines for free flowing dry toppings like nuts, chocolate chips, sugar, oat flakes, and Hinds-Bock Moist Streusel Depositors for high fat streusel, are available in single or multi-lane formats. Used by wholesale and industrial bakeries, they dramatically reduce labor costs on the production line and cut down on product topping waste which on an annual basis frequently pays for the equipment. Their labor savings and accuracy make for an easy return on investment, especially in high speed applications.

Hinds-Bock Dry Topping Machines are very versatile and can deposit free flowing dry toppings such as nuts, chocolate chips, sprinkles, powdered and granulated sugar, flour and oat flakes. Targeted dry topping or moist topping units not only improve the speed and accuracy of the topping process compared to hand topping, they also have catch pans to quickly accumulate and reuse toppings that otherwise would be wasted.

Hinds-Bock Moist Streusel Depositors can handle very difficult “high fat percentage” streusel without bridging or packing. Its unique design allows the machine to be “tuned” to change or adjust the appearance of the deposited moist streusel.

Not only can the topping be targeted for products like muffins or cupcakes, but it also allows for broadcast spreading onto larger applications like cakes or pies.

Both the Dry Topping and Moist Streusel Depositors use customized targeted chutes which allow for accurately placing the toppings on the surface of the product, reducing waste and cost. They can be designed and built to place the topping on a stationary or moving target, at a variable or high rate of speed.

Construction is stainless steel, and can be manufactured to mount on a conveyor or with portable cantilevered frames, rolled in or out when necessary. Other features include variable speed servo drives, an operator interface with recipe storage for easy operator set up, and integral stainless steel hoppers. Quick change tooling is available for different deposit center-lines.