Rotary Cup Fill & Seal Machine

With popularity continuing to grow for fresh take away dips, sauces and deli salads, so does the demand to keep up with production.

The Rotary Cup Fill and Seal Machine (with the addition of a filler like the SP-64) provides a rugged, safe and sanitary way to accurately fill, seal and lid containers. And with 2 models to choose from, it’s perfect for in-store or central commissary production.

The Rotary Cup Seal & Lid is ideal for:
* Guacamole, Hummus and Tzatziki
* Salsa – chunky or smooth
* Pasta Sauce – Marinara and Alfredo
* Nacho Cheese Sauce
* Salad Dressing and BBQ Sauce
* Nut butters
* Deli Salads
* Many other flowable products