Hinds-Bock Automatic Cup/Tub Denesting, Lid Placing Conveyor Line

Hinds-Bock Manufactures a Family of Clamshell Package Tray Closing Conveyors. These conveyors feature automatic tray denesting, generous product loading zone, automatic closing station as well as automatic tray locking station. These conveyors are available in lengths and widths to suit your specific application.

Hinds-Bock conveyors are manufactured of stainless steel and of a hygienic design, utilizing the highest quality materials, including wash-down variable frequency drive motors and gear boxes. Stainless steel drive motors and gear boxe qs are available upon request.
The automatic tray denesters are available in several different styles depending upon the type of clamshell tray. These highly efficient denesters automatically pick and place the trays onto the clamshell closing conveyor, thereby eliminating labor. The product loading zone can accommodate either manual or automatic loading of your product into the clamshell closing conveyor. Custom discharges are available to accommodate labelers or to change the orientation for feeding into the down-stream packaging system or refrigerator.

Hinds-Bock Corporation servo driven pump fillers are ideal for high speed accurate spreading of products as well as depositing and filling applications. Custom spouts are used to match the spread width and length for the application. Hinds Bock servo pump fillers are extremely high speed, a single machine can run up to 160 units per minute depending on the product and application. Machines are available in single or multiple lane versions for a wide variety of products.

Hinds-Bock Automatic Tub Filling & Lidding Systems

Hinds-Bock’s Tub Filling and Lidding System automatically denests pails and lids. Automatic filling with a bottom-up feature for stiff products is optional. A positive two-stage/clamp system is used to ensure proper placement of lid as it leaves the lid denester. Progressive roll down lidding mechanism is utilized to apply lids securely. A gentle piston transfer pump can be added to automatically load hopper. Speeds of 10 containers a minute or more are achievable. Three pound containers up to 6 gallon, plus other sizes.

Hinds-Bock Product Videos