Hinds-Bock Complete Topping systems

Hinds-Bock manufactures stand alone and complete topping systems. They are ideal for applying cream toppings to desserts, cakes or pies in the form of rosettes or twisted stars as well as the spreading of icings or frostings onto a wide variety of sweet goods.

Our new generation servo controlled depositors are ideal for spreading or layering batters or toppings into various size sheet pans. Hinds-Bock also manufactures a wide variety of equipment for topping, icing or glazing. We can apply free flowing dry toppings such as nuts, chocolate chips, sprinkles, powdered and granulated sugar, flour and oat flakes, or Moist Streusel Depositors for handling very difficult “high fat percentage” streusel without bridging or packing. Contact Hinds-Bock for more information.