Hinds-Bock Fully Automatic Batter & Injecting Line

Hinds-Bock manufactures specialized production lines for the Baking and Food Processing Industries. This system features a servo driven dual chain conveyor with optional paper cup placer, batter depositor and a second diving bridge injection depositor and is ideal for applications such as muffins, mini cheesecakes, and snack cakes with fruit or cheese filled centers.

It features recipe control accessed through an Allen Bradley PLC for quick change over for various products and simple tool free adjustments for pan to pan product change over. The conveyor can also be lengthened for additional options. Enhance the production line with a dry topping machine for nuts or streusel, or a custom swirling device to mix two flavors of product together.

Hinds-Bock Multi-Piston Servo Batter Depositing System

Hinds-Bock Injecting Depositors

Hinds-Bock Injecting Depositors are ideal for sweet goods such as donuts, muffins, cupcakes and parfait cups. Custom designed injecting depositors can be placed ahead of the oven or post bake after the oven. They are available in both conventional piston injecting depositors as well as servo driven injecting depositors. Servo driven diving and traveling spout bridges are used when injecting depositors are used over continuous motion conveyors.

Diving spout bridges are used over intermittent motion conveyors. They are ideal for injecting fillings such as crème, jelly, fruit and chocolate, accurately and at high rates of speed.