Hinds-Bock Automatic Tray & Cup Denesters

Hinds-Bock’s optional automatic tray and paper cup denesters can be added to depositing lines. Hinds-Bock Industrial Batter Depositing Lines can be manufactured with many automatic module options. Highly advanced, fully automatic lines can include the following options:
o Automatic Tray Denesting
o Multiple Batter Depositors for two flavor products
o Injectors for Cream, Fruit or other fillings
o Moist Streusel Topping Depositors
o Dry Ingredient Depositors for Chocolate Chips, Nut Pieces, Sugar, Sprinkles, Oat Flakes and other dry toppings

Positioned just after the Tray Denester, the Hinds-Bock paper cup denester automatically places paper liners into pans. These paper cup denesters can be equipped with quick change modules to run different cups into different pans.

Tray Denestor
Paper Cup Denestor
Filled Cups