Single or Dual Piston 64
Hinds-Bock Batter Deposit

Hinds-Bock’s standard single piston SP-64 Filler/Depositors are the classic workhorses of the baking and food processing industry. They are easy to clean and operate, and are versatile and gentle on all products, They provide immediate cost-saving results. Large port openings permit filling of chunky ingredients without crushing. They are USDA and AG Canada approved……READ MORE

Single or Dual Piston 160
Hinds-Bock Nut-Butter-Deposit

Hinds-Bock’s Single Piston Filler/ Depositors are especially designed for the institutional packer. These are classic workhorses of the food processing industry. Easy to clean and operate and versatile and gentle on all products, providing immediate cost-saving results. Large port openings permit filling of chunky ingredients without crushing……READ MORE

Multi-piston Table Top

Hinds-Bock Tabletop Depositors are the answer for bakers with limited space. Handling all batters with gentle care, they maintain the integrity of quality products. These simple-to-operate tabletop depositors are the economical, maintenance-free workhorses of the smaller bakery……READ MORE

Low Boy Filler-Depositor

Hinds-Bock ‘Low Boy’ Filler/depositors do not use the typical height adjustable portable frame. Instead they are close to the floor with a waist high hopper for easy hopper loading which eliminates the need for transfer pumps, bowl dumps or machines that raise and lower. By permanently having the hopper waist high for easy loading the hopper level can be……READ MORE


Hinds-Bock Injecting Depositors are available for sweet goods such as donuts, muffins, cupcakes and parfait cups. Custom designed injecting depositors can be placed ahead of the oven or post bake after the oven — available in both conventional piston injecting depositors as well as servo driven injecting depositors……READ MORE


Hinds-Bock manufactures specialized production lines for the Baking and Food Processing Industries. This system features a servo driven dual chain conveyor with optional paper cup placer, batter depositor and a second diving bridge injection depositor. Ideal for muffin batter, cheesecake batter and cakes batter……READ MORE


Hinds-Bock “Auto Answer” machines are automatic depositors available in several different configurations depending on product requirements. They are ideal for wholesale bakeries and school commissaries. They feature simple hand-wheel depositing height adjustments and are available in several different configurations depending on product……READ MORE


The Hinds-Bock Portable Muffin & Batter Depositor is an industrial batter depositor designed and manufactured for decades of reliable use. Many features designed for high capacity wholesale bakeries are built into the system. For additional information please contact Hinds-Bock. Features Include: An operator interface for recipe access mounted in as……READ MORE


The Hinds-Bock family of pre deposited muffin lines are available in several sizes for production rates ranging from 264 to 800 muffins per minute, with capacities up to 18,000 pounds per hour, for either baked or predeposited frozen muffins. Automatic tray denesting, automatic paper cup denesting and batter depositing using……READ MORE


Universal Diving-Bridge Batter Depositing Line can be configured to meet your production and plant requirements. Ideal for high volume bakers or plants with varieties of muffins, cupcakes, cakes, or specialty loaf cakes. Prevents stringing or trailing of batters and allows for clean handling of even the thickest products……READ MORE


Hinds-Bock’s Automatic Cake and Muffin Batter Depositors can be equipped with a pan transfer mechanism allowing a single operator to easily load the infeed conveyor and to unload the discharge conveyor for pan racking. The pan transfer mechanism allows the infeed and discharge conveyor to be ergonomically……READ MORE


Hinds-Bock manufactures a large family of industrial muffin and cake batter depositors. Standard and custom systems from stand alone depositors to complete 12,000 pound per hour production depositing lines include tray and cup denesting, multiple batter depositors, pan oilers and dry ingredient depositors……READ MORE


Hinds-Bock’s Heavy Duty Industrial high speed, cantilevered depositors are designed to work over conveyors in production bakeries. These industrial depositors are available in many configurations, including vertical designs to take up a limited amount of space on the line. Designed for very quick disassembly for ease of sanitizing or product change over. Clean……READ MORE

12P Orbital

Hinds-Bock’s 12 piston orbital all servo driven industrial depositor with positive shut off spouts are ideal for Muffin, Cupcake and Cake Batters. Designed to handle continuously moving pans at high rates of speed, it runs faster and quieter than conventional depositors and does not require compressed air for power. It features the latest electronic……READ MORE


Hinds-Bock industrial depositors are designed and manufactured for the largest depositing lines with the highest industry throughputs. These industrial depositors include many features necessary for serious production. Thoughtful sanitization features increase uptime by greatly reducing the downtime for cleaning. Many different spout……READ MORE

Industrial Metal Pan

Hinds-Bock’s Industrial Metal Pan Depositing Lines are expandable for your ultimate production requirements and are the most versatile with the highest throughputs in the industry. Features built into the family of Hinds-Bock Industrial lines allow the accurate and high speed running of a wide range of products including mini muffins……READ MORE