Donut Finishing Equipment

Hinds-Bock Donut Finishing Equipment — eliminate the manual injection of donuts, shells and donut holes, eliminate the manual manipulation of donut screens when top icing, eliminate the mess and inefficiency of manual string icing and applying sprinkles or chopped nuts. Speeds of 600 dozen per hour when running donuts or shells, and 2400 dozen per hour when injecting donut holes.

  • Saves labor and increases speed — minimal operators needed for production runs.
  • Maximizes product appearance and consistency.
  • Many options and configurations are available.
2: The Injector station can be separated from the finishing line when running non-iced donut holes. Simply add a donut discharge conveyor.
3: Injection Station for donuts, shells and donut holes. Multi tip top injection for greater distribution of crème or fruit ensuring a taste of filling with each bite. Side injection is also possible without change tooling.
5: String Icing Station: Heated and agitated tank carts pump string icing to the oscillating string icing station to apply a pattern string icing onto the donuts or shells. Oscillating string icing head is adjustable to tune or change the appearance of the string icing
6: Dry Ingredient Applicator automatically targets depositing of sprinkles, nut pieces or other dry flowable toppings. 7: Servo Driven Reciprocator: Finished donuts or shells are automatically loaded into shipping baskets.