HB 4P-16 For Horizontal Vaccum Former & Tray Lines

Hinds-Bock’s 4P-16 Multi Piston Depositor with servo shifting technology is ideal for use over horizontal vacuum formers, tray lines and conveyors. The 4P-16 four piston filler utilizes a servo motor shifting mechanism to move the entire filler during the depositing cycle to spread product. It is ideal for many products such as spreading barbeque sauce over ribs, spreading mash potatoes into trays or meat sauce onto pasta.

The servo shifting device also makes the 4P-16 ideal for filling a wide variety of products into multiple packages formed by vacuum formers.

The Hinds-Bock model 4P-16 filling machine is designed to take up less space than conventional filling machine in crowded food production plants.

The 4P-16 is ideal for integrating with Horizontal Vacuum Formers, Tray Sealing Lines and with automatic conveyors to accurately fill a wide range of pumpable products such as Sauces and Marinades, Salsa, Entrée items such as Macaroni and Cheese, Gravy, or virtually any other pumpable product with or without particulates. The 4P-16 utilizes the latest easy to operate and sanitize features including PLC control with color screen touch screen operator interface, positive shut off spouts with blow off and moving spouts. Sanitizing is quick thanks to the tilt hopper, tool free piston removal and quick remove spouts.

Heinz shares the award with Multivac Inc., which engineered and integrated a… Hinds-Bock filler.

HB 6P-04 For Tray Line & Horizontal Vacuum Formers

Hinds-Bock’s Six-Piston Four-Ounce 6P-04 with servo motor moves the entire filler for spreading product during the fill cycle or to shift the filler for filling into multiple targets. Positive shut-off spouts with an adjustable blow-off feature are used to maintain a clean fill zone. A tool free tilt hopper and spout plate along with two-piece strong back makes for disassembly in under a minute without tools. The flex product hoses have been removed to improve weight accuracy and reduce clean-up time.
The 6P-04 is ideal for Value-Added Vacuum Pack applications such as adding sauces, marinades, gravies or liquid seasoning to meat, poultry and fish.

HB 6P-04V Vertical Filling Machines

The vertically designed 6P-04V only takes up 18" of linear conveyor length.

Hinds-Bock family of vertical piston filling machines take up much less valuable conveyor space than conventional filling machines.

The Hinds-Bock vertical 6P-04V filler, automatically fills a wide variety of flowable or semi-flowable products, with or without particulates, such as condiments, fruit fillings, sauces, dips, spreads and meat fillings. The 6P-04V dives for bottom-up filling and utilizes clean accurate positive shut off spouts with an adjustable blow off feature. Designed for high speed accurate filling. Consult Hinds-Bock for additional information.

HB 10P-02 For Horizontal Vacuum Formers & Tray Sealers

Hinds-Bock’s 10P-02 Ten Piston Filling Machine, for use over conveyors, horizontal vacuum formers and tray sealers, is designed for high speed accurate filling of many portion control products such as: Guacamole, Hummus, Cheese, Salsa, Peanut and Nut Butters and other Condiments.

The 10P-02 utilizes an agitated hopper to maintain proper suspension of product and to help feed viscous product. Positive shut off spouts and an adjustable blow off control provides clean accurate filling. Servo actuated, belt driven reciprocating feature shifts the filler for automatic precise filling of multiple compartments within the trays or for filling into multiple rows per index. Servo piston movement and self contained heat controls are available.