Hinds-Bock Heavy Duty 12P Muffin & Cake Depositor

Hinds-Bock’s Heavy Duty 12 Piston Industrial high speed, cantilevered depositors are designed to work over conveyors in production bakeries. These industrial depositors are available in many configurations, including vertical designs to take up a limited amount of space on the line. Designed for very quick disassembly for ease of sanitizing or product change over. Clean accurate deposits using positive shut-off spouts.

This depositor achieves high speed accurate depositing of muffin, cake and snack batters with or without particulates and can be used for gluten free products. Speeds are up to and over 1000 units per minute depending on pan configuration, deposit size and batter viscosity. Change spout tooling adds versatility enabling these machines to deposit into multiple panning patterns. Machines feature the latest electronic controls and an extremely robust design.